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Sustainable Transportation and Communities Research Engagement and Project Development
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California Air Resources Board
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Announcing a request for proposals to develop strategies to better meaningfully incorporate community input into STCD’s research priority setting process to maximize housing, transportation, and land use planning benefits to underserved communities.
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California Air Resources Board Sustainable Transportation and Communities Programs
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Disadvantaged Community
Low Income Community
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This is a competitive contract solicitation to support the California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) Sustainable Transportation and Communities Division. CARB encourages proposers to form multidisciplinary teams to fulfill contract requirements. Principal Investigators (PIs) must be affiliated with University of California (UC) and California State Universities (CSU); however, CARB welcomes applications that include subcontractors from outside of the UC/CSU systems.

This project will support CARB’s Sustainable Transportation and Communities Division (STCD) in identifying research approaches and focus areas to help understand and address housing, land use, and transportation equity issues. This contract will develop and implement a strategy for organizing and consulting with community organizers, advocates, nonprofits, cooperatives, and other stakeholders representing historically under-served communities that are also active in California land use, housing and transportation practice. This project will inform the way the STCD conceptualizes, defines, solicits, designs, implements, and shares findings from future research studies to support policy and programmatic efforts at the nexus of equitable land use planning, housing, transportation, and climate policy.

Key Dates:

• July 13, 2022 – Pre-proposals must be submitted by email to by 5 p.m.

• August 3, 2022 – Winning applicants will be notified.

• September 9, 2022 – Full proposals due to CARB staff for review by 5 p.m.

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