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Empower Innovation collects and promotes resources for the cleantech community. Access our Resource Libraries, Tools, and Databases. Create favorites and share lists with others.

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Resource Libraries are collections of articles, market research, videos, and other content created or curated around a theme. 

Resource Libraries also include standalone Reports that contain valuable insights from industry experts. Some sites may require you to share your contact information in exchange for access to reports.

Try: Cyclotron Road’s Founder's Playbook -- a curated, searchable library of essential reading and example materials related to launching and growing ideas, technologies, and companies.

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Tools are guides, kits, and templates to help you build your ideas and business while identifying gaps in your knowledge.

Try: CalEnviroScreen is a mapping tool that helps identify California communities that are most affected by many sources of pollution, an where people are often especially vulnerable to pollution's effects.

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Databases compile extensive information relevant to startups, investors, and other members of the Empower Innovation community. Several outside databases include paid subscriptions with extra features.

Try: The U.S. Energy Information Association provides a wide range of information and data products covering energy production, stocks, demand, imports, exports, and prices; and prepares analyses and special reports on topics of current interest.