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Komfort IQ combines Occupancy Detection with Heating and Cooling for Commercial Offices to Save Energy and Give Personal Temperature Control
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KomfortiQ is ending the thermostat wars and solving the hot/cold office problem by adding occupancy detection and personal temperature control to heating and cooling systems (HVAC) in commercial buildings.  Very similar to the lighting systems that turn on/off based on occupancy, KomfortIQ has created a system that can turn on/off the heating and cooling for your office automatically while also giving each person control of their own office temperature using their smart phone.

Our system is a hardware and software solution that uses the latest in IOT technologies and AI/ML to accurately detect occupancy and control the heating and cooling for every office.   Our system consists of multiple sensors to detect occupancy, smart thermostats and smart ducts to help control the temperature in an office and cloud software to tie everything together.   We also have a smart phone app that users use to set their own preferred temperature.

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3680 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90010
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Energy Efficiency & Demand Response
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