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SiLi-ion Inc. produces “drop-in” additives for immediate improvement of Li-ion battery performance.
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The market of Li-ion batteries is expected to triplicate in size in the next decade ($90 billion by 2030), pushed by the ever-growing urge for energy-storage in its segments of application. The battery manufacturers are under continuous pressure by their customers to increase the storage capacity of their devices while maintaining or even reducing cost. The state-of-the-art Li-ion battery electrode materials, which determine the energy-density of these devices, are currently close to reach their theoretical storage limit. The production of novel higher capacity electrode materials therefore represents the most acute pain point for the battery manufacturers.

We have developed a “drop-in” additive based on abundant and sustainable materials (silicon and carbon) which increases the capacity of batteries without requiring any change to manufacturing schemes. By adding a small amount of our compound (e.g. 10% by weight) in the established graphite electrode fabrication process we can boost the storage capacity of the anode up to 50%. This “drop-in” strategy is simple, cost-effective and eliminates the need for extensive capital investments for the battery manufactures.

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Small Business
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Southern California Energy Innovation Network

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900 University Ave, Riverside, California (CA), United States, 92521
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