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Chilldyne has a patent approach to liquid cooling using negative pressure (vacuum) that addresses a customer's biggest fear of liquid cooling...a leak that will result in downtime and financial damage.
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Chilldyne is a spin-out from Flometrics, Inc. which has been providing engineering services in the specialty areas of flow flow and thermodynamics for 25 years.  Flometrics developed and patented the cooling system being sold by Chilldyne in response to a need a San Diego server company, Cirrascale, had with a supercomputer system they had sold to a Korean national lab but couldn't cool with air enough.  Flometrics/Chilldyne stepped in and shipped a system that went live Q3 2015 in Korea that resulted in a $750k sale.  The same Korean Value Added Reseller came back to Chilldyne for a second larger $1.25M sale that went live Q4 2017.  In 2015 Chilldyne was set up as a separate Delaware C corp and has its own investors and cap table.  Chilldyne recently received a $1.35M order to provide a liquid cooling system for a 1500 OCP server being built by Penguin Computing that will go live September 2019 at a DOE National Lab in Albuquerque.  Chilldyne is currently seeking to raise $1.25M in Series A Preferred Stock to capitalize on the industry exposure and opportunity that will exist when such a high profile reference customer site goes live three months from now.

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5900 Sea Lion Place, Suite 150, Carlsbad, CA, United States, 92010
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