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Funding Providers
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Technology Innovators
Supporting new technologies that benefit California energy users through improved reliability & safety, environmental benefits, and operational efficiencies.
Organization Overview

As the nation's largest natural gas distribution utility, safely serving more than 21 million consumers through nearly 5.9 million meters in more than 500 communities, SoCalGas is uniquely positioned to help drive California's emerging energy economy

Cleantech Product or Service Sought
  • Building Efficiency
    • Building Envelope
    • HVAC
  • Energy Sources & Fuels
    • Bioenergy
    • Biofuels
    • Biomass
    • Combined Heat & Power
    • Concentrating Solar Power
    • Fuel Cells
    • Hydrogen
    • Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure
    • Other Energy Sources
    • Other Alternative Fuels
    • Thermionics
    • Thermoelectrics
  • Environmental Tech
    • Air Quality
    • Carbon Accounting
    • Greenhouse Gas Capture & Recycling
    • Pollution Monitoring
  • Other Equipment
    • Appliances
    • Heat Pumps
    • Inverters & Other Power Equipment
    • Membranes
    • Metering Equipment
    • Other Cooling
    • Other Heating
    • Power Systems
    • Other Pumps
    • Sensors
  • Manufacturing
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Agriculture & Food Processes
    • Industrial Decarbonization
    • Industrial Processes
    • Robotics
  • Software & Systems
    • Automated Controls
    • Communication Systems
    • Data Analytics
    • Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)
    • Energy Aggregation & Market Services
    • Energy Management Systems & Platforms
    • Energy Security Software
    • Internet of Things
    • Metering Systems
    • Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Energy Storage
    • Grid Level Energy Storage Applications
    • Integrated Distributed Storage Applications
    • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Transportation
    • Battery Electric Vehicles
    • EV Infrastructure
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    • Light, Medium, Heavy-duty Vehicle Technologies
    • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Services
  • Transmission & Distribution
    • Microgrids
  • Water
    • Water Treatment
Commercial Stage of Technology Sought
Pre- Licensable Intellectual Property
Licensable Intellectual Property
Product Design Mature
Product Design is Complete
Verified Prototype
Pre-Pilot Minimal Viable Product
Pilot Ready Minimal Viable Product
Pilot Tested Minimal Viable Product
Early Commercial Stage Product
Business Category
Large or Medium-Sized Business

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555 W. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90013
Area of Expertise
Renewable Energy
Distributed Energy Resources
Climate Adaptation/Mitigation
GHG Emission Reduction
Energy Storage
Data Monitoring & Analytics
Energy Efficiency & Demand Response
Media & Marketing
Business Operations & Management

Agriculture and Forestry
Air Quality
Environmental Justice
Emerging Technology