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Co-Creating EPIC Clean Energy
ReseaRch Investments with
California’s Communities 

HELD ON May 10, 2021 

THIS EVENT has passed. explore below to learn about the topics covered and watch recordings of our major panels (COMING SOON).

 The CEC is kicking-off the development of the next Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Investment Plan with an event bringing together diverse stakeholders to discuss how future EPIC investments can help bring the benefits of the clean energy transition to California’s under-resourced communities.

This event's purpose was to enable representatives from under-resourced communities to contribute their comments and ideas on the clean energy future they’re seeking, the specific challenges facing communities in realizing these outcomes, and the types of innovative technology demonstration project partnerships that interests them.

EPIC provides $133 million annually to support new technological and scientific breakthroughs that can transform California’s electricity sector to meet the State’s ambitious energy and climate policy goals and bring increased benefits to electric ratepayers in the state’s three largest investor-owned utilities – PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E.

Opening Remarks & Panel #1: Engaging with the 4th Epic Investment Process

  • CEC Public Advisor Noemí Gallardo opened the event and introduced from CPUC Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves for a brief welcome message
  • During Panel #1 Misa Werner introduced the the EPIC 4 Investment Plan process including community members can get involved
  • Erik Stokes provided a review of Equity in EPIC as an ongoing strategy to improve community involvement and access to EPIC investments

Panel #2: Voices and Reflections from Leaders Advancing Energy Equity

  • Participants in the panel included CEC Commissioner Karen Douglas, CPUC Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves, Stan Grechner, and Jana Ganion with moderation from Noemí Gallardo

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David Hochschild image
David Hochschild

Chair, California Energy Commission

Karen Douglas Image
Karen Douglas

Commissioner, California Energy Commission

Martha Aceves Image
Martha Guzman Aceves

Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Noemi Gallardo Image
NoemI Gallardo

Public Advisor, California Energy Commission, Moderator